weblogs - an evolution

I've spent a bunch of time browsing the interwebs in lazy circles today - I've been having one of those lengthy, unproductive cyber surfs where you get to the end feeling overstimulated, guilty (for wasting time) and energised all at once.

One of the fantastic blogs I've been riffling through, Life in Chicago, has a link to this story on SMH - and it blew me away. It is six years old, granted, but flashbacks like this show you just how much things can change in half a dozen years.

"Blogs - the latest web craze - are springing up everywhere these days. Short for weblogs, blogs are online diaries penned by folks eager to share their thoughts, feelings or everyday lives with the rest of us," the article reads. "Some estimates say there are about 500,000 blogs in this new frontier called the blogosphere."

500,000 blogs! Now there'd be, what, 500 million?!

I remember when my husband (then-boyfriend) first told me about blogs - he'd heard that one of the former child stars from Stand By Me had started a blog, and he inked a three-script movie deal based on his online ramblings. Now, I can't imagine life without blogs, and just six years ago, they barely existed!