strange but true?

Does anyone else find this strange?

Walmart prides itself on being a family store that represents family values. As such, they refuse to sell CDs with cover art or lyrics they deem to be overtly sexual, or dealing with topics such as abortion, satanism, or - horror of horrors!! - homosexuality.

Side note: Wal-Mart is the world's largest CD retailer, and currently accounts for around 10% of total domestic music CD sales in the US.

Under that policy, Walmart won't stock Green Day's album '21st Century Breakdown' unless they agree to censor the content. Green Day politely refused. So now Walmart - which in some regional US towns, is the only place that locals can purchase music without going online - won't stock the album.

But they sell guns.

And gun-related stuff!

In the 'Sports & Fitness' department!!

Go figure...


Lukely said...

This is so true Sarah.