I love anything to do with photos - taking them, viewing them, framing them, blowing them up..

In high school, I topped our grade in photography and I loved those days of developing your prints in the dark room, and being crushed when your roll was blurry or underdeveloped - or elated when a roll had 4-5 usable shots. I love how much easier digital cameras are, but there's something really magic about developing a roll of film and seeing your images appear in front of your eyes.

One day I'd love to wander through the city and explore through the lens of an SLR, to enter in a photo comp like these people did for the "Canon Creative for a Cause" competition. Awesome idea - anyone in Australia or NZ can enter, and the prize money goes to a charity of your choice. Check out some of my fave finalists below, or view the winner and all 24 finalists here.

This photo was taken by Emma Haswell, and she describes it as the "absolute joy expressed by piglets freed from a factory farm. This is the first time they've experienced grass under foot and sun upon their backs."

Collins Street, rush hour
Little Prince by Zoe Halabarec. "Little Princess was rescued from outside an abattoir," she says, "when he was just a day or two old after his mother had been slaughtered."

Two more gorgeous entries: