annoying people

Read a really great blog post by Richard Glover on SMH this week. The whole article is spot-on, but this is my favourite part - after battling Sydney traffic for four years, my LORD I can relate!!

One of the most annoying things about life is that the people we find especially annoying don't realise they are especially annoying. The Audi driver who accelerates along the breakdown lane when the F3 is at a standstill truly believes he's more important than everybody else.

You know he's thinking: “I'd love to wait in line with the rest of you, I really would, except I'm terribly important, so much more important than you.”

In his mind's eye, he is a surgeon on his way to hospital to conduct life-saving surgery on a Nobel laureate who, given another shot at life, is almost certain to discover a cure for cancer. That's the only scenario that could explain this level of complete tosserdom.

Admittedly, there's a narrow chance he's in just this situation but, more likely, “brain surgeon” is code for “up-himself real estate agent”, “Nobel laureate on the verge of a cancer cure” is code for his wife Marjorie, and “life-saving surgery” is shorthand for “late for picking the old girl up from tennis in Gosford”.


Skeptical Bystander said...

Thanks for sharing this. In Seattle, in Shanghai, in Paris, wherever. Same old thing. Self-important people with big things to accomplish who can't play by the rules they require the rest of us to live by so they can rush past us, self-importantly. Self-impotently.

Sarah Megginson said...

Couldn't agree more :)

Although when I was in Seattle earlier this year - for just 2 short days - I found the locals to be super friendly and lovely!! What a seriously beautiful city. I can't wait to visit again.