I'm over-stimulated this week! There's lot's going on... no more than usual, really, but I'm having trouble keeping up. I'm in the mood to unplug for a few days, camp out on the couch and watch a season of 30 Rock. Hello, weekend.

News break # 1: Ben & Jerry's is coming to Australia!! They'll be opening their first "scoop store" in Sydney in September. So. Excited. I. Could. Wee!

News break # 2: John Hughes died of a heart attack yesterday. He's the director behind Ferris Bueller, Uncle Buck, The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles, and he wrote one of my all-time favourite movies of all time: Home Alone. I love it so much, it gets a double 'all-time'. Every year my family watches Home Alone (1 or 2 only; the third and fourth films totally bastardised the franchise) as a Christmas tradition. So sad - he was just walking down the street in Manhattan when he had a massive heart attack and collapsed. All over, just like that.

News break # 3: I just read this post on that makes me never, ever, ever want to give birth, ever. Never ever! Such excrutiating detail... Her baby Marlo is super cute though!