Today is a collectively sad and weird day. Michael Jackson died, which is as surreal as it is normal... people die every day, but when someone as famous (and infamous) as Michael dies, everyone feels it. There's a 'Whoa, life can be extinguished in the blink of an eye' vibe, which makes you want to focus less attention on your overdue phone bill, and more attention on your friends and family.... and yet, that bill's still gotta be paid, right? Life goes on.

I read today that so many people flooded the net for updates on Michael Jackson's death, that the internet came grinding to a halt! My connection is still crawling along now, hours later.

Meanwhile, I'm also sad for the family of this man. Bob Hopkins was a plain old truck driver who was killed by a stray bullet when he drove past a KFC in Western Sydney. A seriously freaking tragic case of wrong place/wrong time... what are the odds.

June 25 2009. A totally, collectively sad and weird day.