september 11 dog cloned

Yowsers!! I'm a yuge animal lover, first of all. And it makes sense that, if you're going to clone a dog, you might as well clone one that has super-strong senses. But still, this story about a German shepherd that has been cloned five times is a little 'Twilight Zone'!

James Symington is a retired Canadian police officer who took part in the September 11 rescue operation in NYC with his dog, Trackr. This week he'll take home five puppies cloned using DNA from his beloved late German shepherd, the rescue dog that has been credited with finding the last survivor in the smoking rubble of Ground Zero. The full story is here.

It's amazing and awesome and strange and kind of 'playing God' all at once! I love my two dogs soooo much, and I want them to be around forever, but cloning? Hollywood has taught me that it always ends in disaster..