100 things

Man, I'd love to have a pet lion. Everyone's seen the Christian the Lion clip, right? It still makes me tear up, and I've seen 17 gazillion times. Moreso, though, it makes want to have a huge big reserve with lions and elephants and giraffes, who live harmoniously and don't eat each other.

Anyway, my dream-since-I-was-six to one day have a pet lion or pet tiger got me thinking about my bucket list (things I want to do before I croak). A few things, I've already achieved, like walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, and constructing a piece of Ikea furniture on my own, without losing the plot. There's loads of other stuff on my list, too, some that scare me more than others. I got the idea to construct a list of 100 things from this lady, who evidently has had her life-list sponsored by Intel!! I'm freaking LIME with envy.

Anyway, I've come up with 20 must-do's so far. In completely random order:
1. Plant and maintain a vegetable garden.

2. Own an apartment in Manhattan.
3. Write a brilliant novel.
4. Have said brilliant novel top the New York Times best seller list.
5. Scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef.
6. Do a set of 10 consecutive push-ups - real ones, not girl ones.
7. Learn another language - Italian? Maybe French?
8. 8-week road trip across the US.
9. Attend the Oscars.
10. Own my own house, outright. (Imagine making that final mortgage payment...)
11. Visit Aspen. (Don't know, it's just always intrigued me.)
12. Skydive, eek!
13. Read the top 100 books of all time.
14. Organise a Christmas street party.
15. Walk the Kokoda track.
16. Create a turtle pond in my backyard.
17. Volunteer with an animal refuge.
18. Eat in a fancy-pants, world class, Michelin-starred restaurant - and ignore the prices.
19. Swim with dolphins.
20. Have my portrait painted in the style of a 1950s glamour girl.


Verity said...

ha ha - this looks incredibly similar to my 100 things list!

ps - I can help you with the scuba diving :)

Sarah Megginson said...

yes let's scuba together!! I lived in Townsville for 3 years, yet never made it to the Great Barrier Reef?! The shame...