world premiere!!

I went to the Sydney Opera House last night for the world premiere of the new Star Trek movie! I have to admit, I wasn't super-enthused - husband was wetting himself with excitement, but I've never followed Star Trek, and I felt a little bit like I should give my ticket to someone who would really appreciate it.

So we walked to the Opera House and climbed the gigantic red carpet, and settled into our seats just before the screening time of 7pm. 40 minutes later, we'd had enough of spotting C though F grade celebs in the crowd, and I was seriously underwhelmed and seriously impatient for the movie to start. I'm such a brat.

Then, JJ Abrams took to the stage - he is such a brilliant director! - and introduced the cast, and the film finally started. We were given strict instructions prior to the screening that were we not allowed to post or publish any reviews of the film, under any circumstances, until the end of April. Then some loser in the US posted a review on Twitter, and they lifted the embargo. Thank God. Because the film was amazing, and I'm bursting to talk about it! 

I've posted my main review here, but suffice to say, this movie is going to seriously kick butt at the box office - it had suspense, action, drama and plenty of space explosions. I can't wait to see it again. And I'm not even a Trekky!