twitter crazy

All this stuff with Ashton Kutcher and CNN on Twitter is making me so confused!! 

I've been following it for days for our website, and it's getting out-o-control! There's now dedicated websites to track his progress vs. CNN; it's making the news around the world; Ashton's going to be tweeting about it live on Oprah?! There's even bumper stickers in the US that say "UNFOLLOW CNN"!! 

I just watched a live stream of Ashton talking about it on U-Stream, which in itself was odd - I'm in Sydney, he's in LA (I think?), and I'm still blown away with how the internet can connect the dots. But this story is becoming headline news!! It's just, wow. Nuts. 

There was one girl on Twitter who questioned Ashton's pledge to donate money to a 3rd World Malaria cause if he wins the race to a million followers. She thinks he should be spending the money fixing problems closer to home in the US. You should have seen how the Ashton Army turned on her! She was inundated by his stalkers. She called Ashton a diva who was out of touch with the real world, which might have fanned the flame, but still - it's incredible how quickly people get fired up on the interwebs.

Anyway, Ashton and Demi seem to be genuinely nice people who do a lot of good, so it's all in good fun. I just want him to win already, so I can power down - I can't cope with this story, it's coming from all angles! Twitter, Facebook, news websites, TV news, UStream - and now my beloved Oprah!!

(I wonder why Ashton has so many more followers than Demi, BTW?! She's been a movie star for much longer than he! Do you think that causes tension in their marriage?! hehe)