I'm multi-tasking right now.

I resisted for as long as possible, but I now have to come clean: I'm addicted to Twitter. I freaking love it. And this article made me love it even more.

I have to qualify by saying, I'm a journalist - so it's my job to be nosy. That's why I love 
Twitter; you get access to these bite-sized, generally entertaining, sometimes boring, but always enlightening chunks of information about people, and they're often far more revealing than they'd be in a real-world conversation. It's so much fun.

But then this morning, I viewed this trailer (Ashton Kutcher tweeted the link!), and it made me think about how strange the world is going to be in 15 years time. These days, everyone is connected, and we're all over-stimulated, and we forge superficial "friendships" with people online, when we'd cross the street to avoid having a boring conversation with in real life. 

I've read the Blackberry's are responsible for rising stress levels, because now we never switch off - we take the office home with us on a portable e-device, and we celebrate "conveniences" that help us to multi-task. Who ever decided that multi-tasking was a good idea?! Why are better off cramming more into one day, rather than doing less, but in a quality way? The focus these days is, in every respect, all about output: produce more for less money, using less resources, and more quickly. (Funnily enough, I'm multi-tasking right now: typing my blog, with a load of washing on, watching Scrubs and drinking a cup of tea.)

It makes me wonder... is my peer group going to produce any Ernest Hemingway's, or Andy Wathol's, or Charles Dicksons', or any really important, significant voices that represent our generation? Or are we stuck with Heidi Montag's? I have nothing against Heidi, but this is the role model that teens look up to: a singer, tv personality, actress and celebutante who, according to Wiki, has made $3 million in the last two years (with husband Spencer Pratt) thanks to TV salaries, club appearances, photo shoots and business deals. Or Miley Cyrus, who seems perfectly lovely, but at 16, should be worried about exams and boy dramas, not album sales and her shooting schedule for the summer.

But, I digress. Here's the trailer. The phrase that stood out the most to me was: "A few hundred years ago, the lions and tigers were kings of the jungle. And then one day, they wound up in zoos. I suspect we're on the same track."