dark side of twitter

Twitter is reaching fever pitch. It's crazy. Oprah's on there now! Everyone's there. I've had to tone down my own twit-stalking habits, because it's all too easy to waste 2 hours browsing various tweets... and, really, is my life any better for knowing that someone, somewhere, just ate sushi for lunch? Would that 2 hours have been better spent doing my tax, or, I don't know - working?! Yes. Yes it would.

Anyway, I saw this tweet from Kevin Smith, who is freaking hilarious.

Twitter Troll = Twoll? Will somone please give this Twoll a hug or a handy? He's obviously alone and deeply sad. http://tinyurl.com/chu5bx

Click on the link if you have 5 minutes, because Kevin Smith is really funny (and he says some very profound and lovely things, too). But the condensed version is, some dude started harassing Kevin on Twitter, and it made him sad for a bunch of reasons. Why is it that when people are online and under a cloak of anonymity, they will say and post and publish things they'd never do in 3D? I wonder what affect that's going to have on people? Like in 10 years time, when the tweens of today are learning to become productive members of society, are they going to be a bunch of pasty, introverted brats who are crappy at conversing in real life, but they've got mad skills with the witty banter on the interwebz? Hmm. Interesting.