this is bananas

Have you seen The Rachel Zoe Project? It's one of my fave reality shows at the moment, right after ANTM and Flipping Out. I heart Brad :)

Anyway, Rachel is a stylist to the stars and she's seriously fabulous. She started the whole maxi dress/ oversized sunnies / ginormous bag thing.

But now she's done something a little loopy. Her key catchphrases on the show are "You look bananas" (translation: you look AMAZING!) and "I just die" / "Don't you die?" (translation: you look out-of-this-world AMAZING!) And she's gone and trademarked the sayings. It's part of pop culture! And how do you trademark the word "Bananas"?!

A snappy young designer, Christopher Suave, tried to pop the phrases on a limited edition run of 25 tees, and she promptly slapped him with a lawsuit.

He worked around her legal tango with a quick remake (below), but the whole thing is a little blah. Different story if he was trying to cash in on her brand and sell 20,000 shirts, but it was a small, satirical moment in fashion - which she should know all about, being a fashion stylist. Ironically, the original shirts are probably now worth a motza!

Old tee:

New tee: