the cinematic equivalent of jury duty

There's a blog I regularly dip into, called girlwithasatchel (GWAS), and she recently wrote a review of the new film 'Revolutionary Road'. It stars Leo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet, and it looks like two hours of depressing. I've heard it's actually amazing, but real life is full of so many challenges - I go to the movies for escapism, not to be reminded of how shitty life can be!

The review GWAS offered was along those lines, but she phrased it in a much better way:

"Where American Beauty, which paints an equally abysmal picture of suburban life, was palatable for its humour and likeable characters, Revolutionary Road is the cinematic equivalent of jury duty."

What a brilliant comparison! It perfectly sums up what I think the film will be like: difficult to watch and a relief to get through. She nailed it in a few dozen consenants and vowels.

I love letters and words, and how they can be cleverly strung together!