straylia day

Today was Australia Day. I love 'Straylia Day! I didn't realise how patriotic I was, until earlier today when I had some time to reflect on what I love about my country. The weather, for starters; the BBQs and brilliant thunderstorms in summer; the people, most of the time (although slow walkers in the CBD drive me nuts); the food, the opportunities, and our attitudes in general. Straylians have three answers to any question: "give it a go", "no worries" and "you'll be right".

I was thinking of going skydiving, what do you think? "Yeah, give it a go."
I just dropped wine on your carpet... "No worries mate."
I ordered this sambo with extra mayo and they gave me extra mustard! "You'll be right."

Sometimes, all three answers can apply to one question.

Should I call in sick to work today to go to the beach? "Yeah no worries, give it a go - you'll be right."

Today we celebrated Australia Day at a party at the Rocks on Sydney Harbour. A water taxi collected us from Pyrmont and deposited us at the Strongbow party at around 2pm - they had a huge Strongbow tree made out of random chairs, just like their new ad campaign! It was really cool.

I also read this awesome story today, about Myrtle the kangaroo, who adopted a human and enjoyed watching television on the couch. Adorable! I thought it was a perfect story for Australia Day.