i was thinking of doing a detox until...

... I read this article.

True, it's nice and convenient that after 3 weeks of gorging on Christmas fare and holiday treats, I can justify that a detox is totally not neccessary, but this article has some pretty compelling evidence..

a la :

"Automatic, natural processes could not be enhanced or stimulated by detox products such as juices, purging, colonics, clays, scrubs, fasting, patches, diets and various herbal supplements, said Associate Professor Simone Strasser, a liver specialist and chairwoman of the Digestive Health Foundation.

"Some programs recommend a severely restricted diet that does not contain essential nutrients and provide dietary advice for which there is no rationale. Excessive water intake, particularly in the presence of inadequate salt intake, laxatives and diuretics can lead to dangerously low levels of sodium in the blood that can lead to seizures or coma."


I just want to cleanse my organs and shed a few unwanted kgs, not starve my body of essential nutrients - and now that I know that "liver, kidneys and colon effectively converts toxic substances into harmless byproducts and flushed chemicals out through urination and sweating", I'm quite satisfied that a detox is not appropriate.

Happy new year to me!